Noragami Watch Order

Noragami is one of the best supernatural series with dark humor, so don’t miss out on this Studio Bones production!

Gods in Noragami are strong immortal creatures who rely on mankind for their survival. They would become extinct if humans ceased believing in them.

Humans, on the other hand, require Gods for protection from bad spirits that live with them and feed on their negative emotions.

Noragami examines this concept in a modern environment, along with other difficulties and stomach-churning comedy, particularly from main protagonist Yato, voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.

So here the watch order:

1. Noragami (2014)

Noragami (2014)
AiredWinter 2014

Minor god Yato is down on his luck. Fed up with his slacker lifestyle, his partner abruptly quits. He has no money, no worshippers, and no shrine to call home. But just when things are starting to seem hopeless, a bus accident forces him to cross paths with Hiyori Iki, a sweet and perky high school girl. After the accident, Hiyori’s soul has a bad habit of slipping out of her body, and after enlisting Yato’s help to get her back to normal, she begins to fall into the world of spirits and gods.

But Hiyori’s not the only one who’s keeping tabs on Yato. A god from Yato’s past is back, and he’s not interested in a friendly reunion.

2. Noragami OVA (2014)

Noragami OVA (2014) bishamonten yato
AiredWinter 2014

Hiyori Iki is excited to start high school alongside her two middle school friends, but “Delivery God” Yato seems to have other plans for the day. Will Hiyori be able to make a good impression on her first day? Or will Yato cost her a happy high school life?

On another day, Hiyori decides to take advantage of the beautiful weather and invites a number of people to gaze at the cherry blossoms, including the fearsome combat god, Bishamon. But how long will their blissful day last when Yato and his old rival Bishamon start to drink together?

3. Noragami Aragoto (2015)

Noragami Aragoto (2015)
AiredFall 2015

The second season of Noragami.

Life for minor god Yato isn’t getting any easier. He’s still broke, shrineless, and his partner-slash-sword-regalia has zero respect for him. Worse yet, Bishamon, one of the deadliest war gods, is after his life. Blaming him for the death of her past regalia, she won’t stop until she kills him. But there’s more to that story than she could ever realize. And as if that’s not bad enough, there’s someone working against her behind the scenes! Can Yato take on a god as powerful as Bishamon? Or will things take a more dangerous turn?

Between all of this godly drama and even more dangerous battles, Yato still needs to figure out how to help Hiyori. But all options lead to losing her, and he’s not willing to make that choice – no matter what.

Five yen doesn’t even begin to cover his trouble!

4. Noragami Aragoto OVA (2015)

Noragami ARAGOTO OVA (2015)
AiredFall 2015

Hiyori Iki goes on a skiing trip with her parents and happens to bump into Yato and Yukine. After a short while, they find the other gods who are there for a company vacation. But amidst all the fun, someone is plotting a heinous crime, and Yato is the primary target.

On a different day, Yato’s been able to make a small fortune from his last job and decides to take Hiyori and Yukine to Capyper Land. Although she agrees without knowing the destination, will Hiyori actually enjoy the day considering what happened on her last visit?

Noragami manga series itself is still ongoing, and there is no sign of a third anime season yet.

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