My Hero Academia Watch Order

Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia is a typical modern Shonen series.

Mixed and packed full of fantastic action and fighting strategy, then complemented by a dash of romance, My Hero Academia is the perfect treat for all Shonen fans.

The animation is brilliant and gets better with every episode through Studio Bones. This is My Hero Academia watch order:

1. My Hero Academia (2016)

My Hero Academia (2016) anime
TitleBoku no Hero Academia
AiredSpring 2016

What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested extraordinary superpowers called “Quirks” at the age of four?

Heroes and villains will fight everywhere! Being a hero means learning to use your powers, but where will you learn that? U.A. High Hero program of course!

But what would you do if you were one of the 20 percent born with Quirkless?

High school student Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero more than anything, but he doesn’t have the slightest bit of strength in him. With no chance of getting into the U.A. Prestigious High, his life seemed like a dead end.

Then an encounter with All Might, the greatest hero of them all gives him the chance to change his destiny…

2. My Hero Academia Season 2 (2017)

My Hero Academia Season 2 (2017)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia 2
AiredSpring 2017

Continuing right after the last episode of the first season. The school was closed due to security.

When U.A. restarted, it was announced that the very early School Sports Festival would be taking place soon.

All classes: Hero, Support, General and Business will participate. The all round tournament will decide who is the top hero in training.

3. My Hero Academia Season 3 (2018)

My Hero Academia Season 3 (2018)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia 3
AiredSpring 2018

Summer has arrived, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in the toughest training camp of their lives!

A group of professionals take on a challenge that pushes everyone’s Quirks to greater heights as students take on one incredible challenge after another.

Challenge the elements in this secret location to the bare minimum as training turns into a critical struggle for survival.

4. My Hero Academy: Two Heroes (2018)

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Futari no Hero
Episodes1 Movie
AiredSummer 2018

The first title in the My Hero Academia anime film franchise.

The climactic ending has come to an end, and U.A. is getting ready for summer training camp.

Deku and All Might receive an invitation from a certain person to go to a land to a giant artificial moving city called I-Island.

This island, a kind of “Science Hollywood” that gathers the knowledge of scientists from the world, holds an exhibition called I-Expo featuring Quirk research results and hero items.

In the midst of all this, Deku meets a Quirkless named Melissa and remembers his own Quirkless past. Suddenly, the impenetrable security system the island has to offer is hacked by criminals, and everyone on the island is taken hostage!

Now, a plan that could shock the public has been executed! The one who holds the key to it all is the number one hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might.

5. My Hero Academia Season 4 (2019)

My Hero Academia Season 4 (2019)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia 4
AiredFall 2019

My Hero Academy‘s fourth season.

The world of villains is teetering on the brink now that All For One is gone.

Shigaraki of the League of Villains battles the Overhaul of the yakuza, vying for total control of the shadows.

Meanwhile, Deku becomes entangled in another dangerous apprentice as he struggles to catch up to his upperclassman—Mirio.

6. My Hero Academy: Heroes Rising (2019)

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2019)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Heroes:Rising
Episodes1 Movie
AiredFall 2019

The second title in the My Hero Academia anime film franchise.

Aspiring UA Class 1-A heroes are given a chance during their winter break: To run and run their own professional Hero Agency on the beautiful island of Nabu far off the coast of Japan.

There, they will experience the daily hardships of being a hero, for the first time without the support of their instructor or companion.

It’s a challenging task, but one brave UA student is more than up for it. Until the arrival of the villain team led by the cruel and peculiar Nine huhvery familiar.

Cut off from allies and facing their greatest threat, Deku, Bakugo, and their classmates face unspeakable dangers in order to protect not only the people of the island, but the future of all Hero society.

7. My Hero Academia Season 5 (2021)

My Hero Academia Season 5 (2021)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia 5
AiredSpring 2021

The competition between Class 1-A and Class 1-B heats up in a joint training battle. Wanting to be a part of the hero, brainwashing fans Shinso are tasked with competing on both sides.

But as each team faces their own weaknesses and discovers new strengths, this fight may just be a draw.

8. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (2021)

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (2021)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes’ Mission
Episodes1 Movie
AiredSummer 2021

The third title in the My Hero Academia anime film franchise.

When an evil organization threatens to annihilate all superhuman powers, the fate of the world is at stake.

With two hours before the collapse of civilization, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki managed to work as a team, but there was still one problem. Deku is on the run for murder.

9. My Hero Academia Season 6 (2022)

My Hero Academia Season 6 (2022)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia 6
AiredFall 2022

The sixth season of My Hero Academia.

With Tomura Shigaraki at its helm, the former Liberation Army is now known as the Paranormal Liberation Front. This organized criminal group poses an immense threat to the Hero Association, not only because of its sheer size and strength, but also the overpowering quirks of Jin “Twice” Bubaigawara and Gigantomachia.

As new intel from the covert hero Keigo “Hawks” Takami confirms that Shigaraki is nowhere to be seen, the Hero Association decides to strike the enemy headquarters with a surprise attack using the entirety of its assets—and the UA students find themselves on the battlefield once again. As the fight rages on, the unsuspecting villains must regroup and push back, but the brave heroes are determined to eradicate every last one of them.

That was the order of watching the My Hero Academia anime series, you can follow it legally and for free in Bilibili via the Bstation application, right!

10. My Hero Academia Season 7 (2024)

My Hero Academia Season 7 (2024)
TitleBoku no Hero Academia 7
AiredSpring 2024

The seventh season of MHA.

11. My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: YOU’RE NEXT (2024)

My Hero Academia the Movie 4
TitleBoku no Hero Academia THE MOVIE: YOU’RE NEXT
Episodes1 Movie
AiredSummer 2024

The fourth installment in the My Hero Academia movie franchise.

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