Kakegurui Live Action Watch Order

There are various reasons to watch Kakegurui live action version, one of which is because Minami Hamabe, who is usually a cute girl, turned out to be a gambling maniac by playing Yumeko Jabami here.

With an elite academy background, Kakegurui raises the theme of gambling. This school has a strange way of working, making gambling and manipulation part of their curriculum. Here, Yumeko who looks innocent can actually channel her crazy desires.

If you want to watch the anime version, check Kakegurui watch order.

So, here’s the watch order for Kakegurui live action:

1. Kakegurui (2018)

Kakegurui live action (2018)
  • Episodes: 10
  • Released: 2018

Children from influential families in politics and business enter the Hyakkaou Private Academy. There, the student hierarchy is classified based on a series of games.

The student who wins the game is on the side of power and the student who loses becomes the slave.

One day, a mysterious girl named Yumeko Jabami transfers to this Hyakkaou Private Academy.

She is pretty and innocent looking, but Yumeko is actually a compulsive gambler and loves to take the thrill of taking risks in this game.

2. Kakegurui Season 2 (2019)

Kakegurui Season 2 (2019)
  • Episodes: 5
  • Released: 2019

Second season of Kakegurui live action.

3. Kakegurui The Movie (2019)

Kakegurui The Movie (2019)
  • Episodes: 1 Movie
  • Released: 2019

The film follows the original story adapted from the light novel Kakegurui Joker.

Various new characters have been added to the cast, who also appeared in the second season of the previous drama.

The story revolves around a school looking for candidates and only those with enough money and status can vote or run for candidates.

Amane Murasame’s group called Village fought against this and thought everyone should have the right to participate in the election.

4. Kakegurui Twin (2021)

Kakegurui Twin (2021)
  • Episodes: 8
  • Released: 2021

The story is set a year before Yumeko transfers to Hyakkaou Academy.

The focus is on Saotome Meari, a young girl who was born into a very ordinary family, passes the transfer exam, and begins school at Hyakkaou.

However, the school he hoped for had a crazy law through gambling bets.

5. Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette (2021)

Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette (2021)
  • Episodes: 1 Movie
  • Released: 2021

Sequel to the previous Kakegurui live action.

A school looks peaceful from a distance, but a fierce gambling battle takes place once again. Yumeko Jabami was involved in this battle.

You can watch these live action series and movies on Netflix.

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