Darker than Black Watch Order

Darker than Black anime is a blast from the past – Bones studio makes good work of the animation to deliver a super-power filled noir tale.

Delivers well on its own premise. The visuals of the show are good and the characters make it worth the watch. If you like something like Durarara!! or Bungou Stray Dogs, don’t miss this anime.

There are multiple ways to watch Darker than Black, you can enjoy the story, the visuals, the characters.

1. Darker than Black (2007)

Darker than Black (2007)
TitleDARKER THAN BLACK: Kuro no Keiyakusha
AiredSpring 2007

In Tokyo, an impenetrable field known as “Hell’s Gate” appeared ten years ago.

At the same time, psychics who wield paranormal powers at the cost of their conscience also emerged. Hei is one of the most powerful of these psychic agents, and along with his blind associate, Yin, works for one of the many rival agencies vying to unlock the mysteries of Hell’s Gate.

2. Darker than Black: Beneath Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (2008)

Darker than Black: Beneath Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (2008)
TitleDARKER THAN BLACK: Kuro no Keiyakusha – Sakura no Hana no Mankai no Shita
AiredSpring 2008

A side story of Darker than BLACK, also known as Episode 26. A Contractor was killed and it was rumored that his corpse and possessions were buried under a Sakura tree. Hei and the others (including the Police) decide to investigate.

3. Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (2009)

Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (2009)
TitleDARKER THAN BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini
AiredFall 2009

In the sequel, Hei and Yin are now on the run after betraying the Syndicate in the previous season.

After leaving Japan, Hei encounters Suou Pavlichenko, a 13-year-old Eurasian girl who becomes embroiled in the war and politics of the various factions and Contractors vying for power. Meanwhile, Hell’s Gate remains standing in Tokyo, after Hei’s efforts to stop the Saturn Ring anti-Gate particle weapon from activating.

Although Contractors are safe from the danger of having their existences erased, this does not prevent new and old Contractors from abusing their powers.

As Misaki Kirihara and her team in the Public Security Bureau deal with the increasing Contractor cases, she also has to keep the Syndicate at bay, who has major positions in the Japanese police and intelligence bureaus around the world. The storyline setting primarily takes place in both Japan and Russia.

4. Darker than Black: Origins (2010)

Darker than Black: Origins (2010)
TitleDARKER THAN BLACK: Kuro no Keiyakusha – Gaiden
AiredWinter 2010

Tells the story of what happened to Yin and Hei between the first and second series.

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