Stunning Gundam SEED Girl Cosplay

Mobile Suit Gundam has managed to find its longevity thanks to creating a number of stories focusing on the mechs in different anime projects.

Spanning alternate realities and/or timelines, the anime franchise is set to return to the world of Gundam Seed in 2024 with the new sequel film, Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed Freedom. Two decades after the anime’s debut, the movie with the original story is return.

gundam seed girl cosplay waifu

So here are the cosplayer who cast the beloved Gundam girl from the series, that perform in Anime Japan 2024 convention.

Lacus Clyne Cosplay by @kerorinpa1121

Lacus Clyne Cosplay gundam seed waifu
Lacus Clyne Cosplay gundam seed waifu

Cagalli Yula Attha Cosplay by @come_cos

Cagalli Yula Attha Cosplay gundam seed

Murrue Ramius Cosplay by @ko8ku_

Captain Murrue Ramius Cosplay gundam seed
mobile suit gundam girl captain Murrue Ramius Cosplay

Lunamaria Hawke Cosplay by @risa_smash

cosplay gundam seed Lunamaria Hawke waifu

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